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Alien DVR Support With

Zippy Desktop

We make setting up the alienDVR on the Internet easy! with Zippy Desktop - Remote Support Software

AlienMax DVR
AlienEko Plus DVR

It's really easy to connect an AlienDVR to the internet for remote viewing on your phone or PC. However like most tasks if you haven’t done it before “easy” can soon become daunting, so why struggle when an expert can be “with you” in minutes?

With our Zippy Desktop remote support software we can help you set up your PC, Router and even DVR just as if we were sat next to you on site

You must have a Windows pc/laptop on-site and be able to initiate a connection to one of our support team members. Sorry, we cannot connect to Mac computers.

Support Options Available

First time network support (within a 12 month period) FREE!
Subsequent network support eg. Router change chargeable
Direct support chargeable